Lycon Wax


Lycon wax uses a unique shrink wrapping technique to remove hair as short as 1mm. The natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils leave the skin feeling smooth and hair free. 

What makes Lycon pain free?


The unique Pre Waxing Oil is applied prior to the wax. This will prevent the wax from adhering to the skin, resulting in a pain free experience. 

Is Lycon suitable for sensitive skin?


The application of Pre Wax Oil forms a barrier between the wax and the skin allowing the wax to be reapplied without causing any skin irritation. The low temperature of the wax helps to prevent any skin reactions. 

Will Lycon help with ingrowing hairs?


With Lycon’s shrink wrapping technique the gentle wax is apply to remove the shortest hairs from the root. This eliminates ingrown hairs which can be caused by hair breakage at skin level. The soothing and nourishing oils within the Lycon wax will help to keep the skin nourished and hydrated. 

Warm Wax


All our general waxing is carried out using Tea tree wax, suitable for all skin types and conditions. 

See price list for waxing prices. 

After Care


• Exfoliate 3 days after treatment and between appointments to reduce ingrown hairs

• Do not have a hot bath/shower or use a sauna or steam room for 24 hours

• Do not sunbath or use a solarium for 24 hours

• Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing over the area for 24 hours