Pressotherapy promotes lymphatic drainage by using air pressure on different parts of the body. By alternating between compression and decompression, it effectively stimulates the lymphatic system. 

Benefits of pressotherapy


Benefits from applying pressure waves will help improve health & beauty as well as give a massage like feeling. . Improvements can be seen in circulatory system disorders, varicose veins, tired legs and heavy limbs and skin well-being. 

Pressotherapy will help with:

• Treating swelling or drain the toxins, fats and liquids that cause cellulite. 

• Recover skin elasticity, increasing oxygen flow to the body’s tissues and helping them regenerate.

• Stimulating the immune system, reducing blood pressure and stress. 

Digestive problems; when the treatment is applied to the abdomen it stimulates bowel transit and relieves constipation issues. 


Combine Presstherapy with any facial for an additional £20