Using the industry’s high technology equipment our skin specialists have designed the best combination skin treatments to give you maximum skin results!!! Pairing revolutionary technology to achieve your skin goals.

Meso Skin Needling & RF


One of the very best Anti-Ageing treatments Meso Skin Needling stimulates collagen & cell renewal. Paired with radio frequency the best technology for facial contouring & muscle firming. This combination will stimulate collagen as we all contouring the face. Resulting in the best anti ageing skin treatment. 


○ Anti ageing
Fine lines
Crows feet
Skin & muscle tightening


Microdermabrasion &IPL Photo rejuvenation


This combination could not be better suited – Microdermabrasion will give you the deep exfoliation needed to penetrate the IPL into the skin giving you phenomenal results. Leaving your skin feeling fresh, rejuvenated and glowing. 

Not only will this treatment target all of your skin concerns. Results can be seen in just one session. 


• Anti ageing 
• Fine lines 
• Pigmentation 
• Crows feet 
• Skin tightening & plumping 
• Acne 
• Redness
• Rosacea